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Demography is particularly concerned with population structures such as the age and gender structure of a population, population movements such as migration, and population trends such as changes in total population and age structure.

Demographic change has implications for companies: workforces are getting older and the number of younger workers is falling. This trend will intensify over the coming years as those born in the “bulge” years enter retirement. This makes it more important than ever for companies to look more closely at issues of strategic HR planning and staff development. The aim is to obtain a clear picture of the various characteristics of a workforce and to use that to develop medium- and long-term planning and control measures.

Software can be used for this analysis. The results are used to decide whether further action is required, and if so what it should be. Action may take the form of active WHM management, for example. This involves developing and implementing targeted measures to maintain and promote health and work ability and designing an HR policy geared to the demands of demographic change.

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