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How can companies make ideal preparations for ageing workforces? How are other companies dealing with demographic change and how much progress has my company made in comparison? These, and other issues, are the focal points of the work performed by the nationwide demography network, Demographie Netzwerk e.V. (ddn). In the non-profit network of companies for companies, more than 350 companies and institutions, with HR responsibility for around 2 million employees, have come together to play an active role in shaping demographic change. ddn was set up in March 2006 on the initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the “New Quality of Work” initiative (INQA).

Its members comprise companies of all sizes, as well as associations, consultancy forms, academic institutions and municipal authorities. ddn aims to make demographic change a priority. In ten “Golden Rules”, the ddn member companies commit, among other things, to non-discriminatory, age-neutral HR policy, a balanced work- force age structure, holistic health promotion and the transfer of knowledge between generations.

At the core of the network are 11 specialist working/issue groups where new knowledge is gained and existing expertise exchanged in the spirit of partnership. The focus is on issues such as health, work organization, qualifications and further training, as well as leadership and corporate culture. Furthermore, 17 regional ddn networks have been set up to make the results of the working group available to smaller and medium-sized local companies as well.

The philosophy of the ddn members is that exchanging information with other key players can give rise to new, creative ideas. This is why they explicitly see the ddn as an open network which other companies are welcome to join at any time. ddn stands for a common learning, comparative and innovative process that is designed to put companies and institutions in an ideal position to deal with demographic change.


Das Demographie Netzwerk e.V. (ddn)

Friedrich-Henkel-Weg 1-25

44149 Dortmund

Telefon: +49(0)231 9071-2846

E-Mail: info@ddn-netzwerk.de

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